Sessions (1 hour adults, 45 mins children) are available Mon - Thur weekdays and some evenings. The fees are:

Adults                     £40 per session 

Children                 £40 per session 

                                (£40 for parent consultation session)


Organisations       Please contact me for a quote

The first session helps you to find out about how I work and helps me to assess whether it's possible that we can work together. Some of the first session will be spent talking about ‘boundaries’. This includes a commitment to confidentiality from the counsellor and an agreement of what to expect from both parties. I provide a short written contract to which we must both agree if a second appointment is made. This reduces the possibility of any misunderstanding and gives information on what we can both do under certain circumstances. It is a form of protection for both client and counsellor. It doesn't mean that you have to agree to a certain number of sessions. I also ask you to agree to my Privacy policy, which protects your personal information.

The number of sessions you need will depend on the type of problem that you’re experiencing, the degree of change that you would like and your willingness to work through the issues that arise. You can choose how many you need and how often you have them. I always quote the universal law which says that you can’t change anyone or anything, you can only change yourself. If you are in a position of wanting change and are not looking for someone to give you all the answers, but rather want help to find your own, then you are ready for action!

If you have any queries at all, please email or phone me and I will do my best to answer them. All contacts will be in confidence and without obligation. Please leave a message if my voicemail kicks in – I’ll be busy working and will ring you back asap. If you have taken the time to contact me I want to make sure that I can return your call.

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